Purple Corn Beverage // Chicha Morada


A beverage that originated in the Andean regions of Perú. The base ingredient of the drink is corn culli or ckolli, which is a Peruvian variety of corn known commonly as purple corn which grows abundantly and is harvested along the Andes Mountains. This is a refreshing drink that includes purple corn, pineapple, quince, sugar and lime. Cheers!

Bebida tradicional refrescante, maíz morado peruano, piña, membrillo, azúcar y limón.


Finding us at 232-250 City Centre Ave

We have been told that we are a hidden gem! To get to our location, drive to the end of City Centre Ave, past Orange Art Gallery, and turn right at the ramp that will take you to the back of the building (250 City Centre Ave) on the second level. We are at Unit 232. If you are walking, take the staircase on the South Side of the building.

If you have any difficulties finding us, please phone us at 343.463.3590